Please use the form below to send me questions about indexing your book. Ask me anything:

  • what the process entails
  • how I work
  • what the pricing might be
  • timeframes, etc.

I look forward to talking about working together on your project. (And submitting this form will not put you on any mailing lists, so no worries about spam.)

In general, I can say these things about any indexing project:

  • I charge by the indexable page.
  • To give you a price and timeline for your indexing project, I’ll need:
    • at least two chapters from the interior of the book (i.e., not the first or last chapter) – PDFs are fine for this
    • a sense of how much depth you want the indexing to go (light, medium, heavy)
    • how many pages the manuscript is
    • when the pages will be available and what your desired deadline is
  • Things that are likely to drive up the per-page price:
    • short deadlines
    • highly technical content
    • heavy depth of indexing
    • inclusion of figures, tables, and illustrations in the index
    • edited volumes
    • separate name and/or title indexes

Every project is unique, so reach out and let’s start a conversation.