About Me

I’ve been indexing for about 15 years, working in areas as diverse as:

  • back-of-the-book indexing
  • aging- and gerontology-related research for AARP
  • database indexing, for both AARP and U.S.News & World Report
  • metadata creation and content tagging
  • creating a subject index for (and thus the first subject access to) the University of Maryland Computer Science Department’s technical report collection

Other life experience includes:

  • being a primary caregiver for a now-deceased cancer patient and loved one;
  • being a practicing Buddhist;
  • working as a UNIX system administrator, library systems administrator, and database designer.

I have degrees in sociology and library science.

My indexing specialties include:

  • computers and software
  • gerontology and the literature of aging
  • social sciences:
    • sociology
    • psychology
      • trauma
      • PTSD
      • mental illness
      • addiction
    • social psychology
  • death, grief, and loss
  • cancer and caregiving
  • books on writing
  • spirituality, especially Buddhism
  • library science
  • engineering
  • technical documentation